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Made in Mexico, Built to US vintage spec with US bridge/string spacing, vintage style tuners and head shape.
"Beautifully adorned and classically contoured, the Deluxe Super Strat features an ash body, lightly tinted maple neck, gold-plated vintage style hardware, brown shell pickguard, and newly designed "Super Fat-Super Strat" single-coil pickups. Deluxe "Super Switching" gives you seven pickup combinations to choose from".
Translucent Honey blonde finish that lets the grain show through, and a beautiful neck with lovely subtle figuring .
Gold hardware which suits the overall look of this guitar. Nicely patterned tortoiseshell pick guard.
Forerunner to the Deluxe or Classic Player strat, this one introduced the 7-way switching concept via the small push-button which adds the bridge pickup when pressed. This allows for the 2 additional settings of neck + bridge and all 3 pickups at once.
The Super Fat Super Strat pickups were unique to this guitar and the originals are fitted.

Fender MIM Stratocaster Deluxe 1999

SKU: gt007
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