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The 2203KK is based on Kerry King's favored JCM800 head, a head King calls "The Beast." His JCM800 had been at the core of Kerry's sound for years, both live and in the studio - that is until Marshall created Kerry's ultimate amplifier, the 2203KK. This 100-watt behemoth is equipped with a trio of ECC83s in the preamp and a quartet of KT88 driving the power stage.


King has never been a traditional metal guitarist, and this amp incorporates his own special touches that Kerry added to his "Beast." Among these King-ly features are a "frown EQ" mid-boost that counteracts the metal tendency to scoop the mids, a noise gate that accentuates King's trademark staccato playing style, and a Beast button, which instantly engages Kerry's signature sound. King's tattoos were the inspiration for the artwork that graces the cloth behind the Marshall logo as well as the brushed gold control panel. Rounding out the feature set is a printed signature from Jim Marshall and Kerry King on the control panel. The 2203KK is a true metal monster!

Marshall JCM 800 Kerry King

SKU: hd019
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