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SE Microphones Magneto - Used 


Blending high quality features with an extremely competitive price, SE Electronics present the SE Electronics Magneto. In particular the Magneto is great for vocals and acoustic instruments producing an open natural sound, on the acoustic guitar you can hear plenty of string detail whilst miced up for vocals the Magneto gives you a balanced, clear recording that will sound great through any vocal chain! It's a clear winner for any budding hobbyist looking for an adaptable yet high quality condenser, you will find yourself always coming back to the Magneto time and time again!


The sE Electronics Magneto condenser microphone brings the rich heritage of high quality studio mics within reach for musicians on a budget. Magneto has been designed from the ground up to offer excellent performance specifications, producing outstanding results at its price point for recording vocals and acoustic instruments alike.

Magneto will look sleek and professional in any studio setting, and the mic includes a swivel mic clip and thread adaptor as standard.

With specifications living up to today’s most demanding studio environments, a very linear 20Hz – 20,000Hz frequency response, a high max SPL (140dB Max for 0.5%THD at 1000Hz) and high-sensitivity level, the sE Electronics Magneto studio condenser microphone is the obvious choice for anyone who needs a high-quality microphone with an entry-level price-tag.

SE Microphones Magneto

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