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Yamaha NS-10M - Used but in good overall condition. Consecutive factory serial numbers.


Fully functional, some cosmetic wear as to be expected with monitors of this age (a few scuffs on the corners, rear and sides, but nothing that affects their usage).


Few studio monitors have enjoyed the longevity and acclaim (as well as an army of vocal detractors...) of the Yamaha NS-10M, which isn't all that bad for a speaker that was originally designed and marketed for casual home listening. They've got anything but a flat response, but the idea is that when you get a mix perfect on a pair of NS-10M's, that mix will be perfect everywhere. When legendary engineer Bob Clearmountain started carting his set around NYC in the 1980s, colleagues took notice and the NS-10M became standard-issue kit for major recording studios all over the globe.


Yamaha NS10-M

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